Collect, analyse
and share
insightful data

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Datakojo is a flexible yet sophisticated mobile data collection platform used for surveys, research and supervision.
With or without data, decisions can be made, but better decisions are made with insightful data.
You can carry out all forms of data collection and management and get insightful analysis to aid informed decisions.
Digitize your data management process today!

Used By

  • The Government
  • NGOs
  • Research institutions and individual researchers
  • Students
  • Customer-centric organization

Features & Benefits

Easy To Use

Simply sign up to create an account and start collecting, analysing and sharing your data easily. Our platform is user-friendly and was designed to suit any form of datacollection.

Secured Data

Collected data are backed up and encrypted. You are in total control of who is allowed to see your data.

Works Offline

You can collect data even without an internet connection. Data collected offline, is automatically uploaded once your device is connected to the internet.

Instant Analysis &

After collecting your data, get instant feedback from your analyzed data for informed decision making.

Intergrated &
Comparative Analysis

Our platform is built with an integrated and comparative analytics engine. This allows for the comparison of data obtained at different periods.

Integrate with &
Complement DHIS2

DHIS2 is an open source data management platform widely used for integrated health information management activities. Data collected with Datakojo can be easily exported to DHIS2 for analysis.